Pooch Pickup Biodegradable Pick-Up Bags

These biodegradable bags make it too easy to be responsible. Clean up after your favorite pet while helping save the earth at the same time. Without the earth there would be no place for your dog to bury his favorite bone. These Pick-Up Bags come in packs of 35, or 100. The size of the bag is 10″x10″ which is big enough to pick up after pretty much any dog.


·          Handles are long and easy to tie

·          Cornstarch bag decomposes effectively

·          Extremely economical, ergonomic

·          Specially sized for those not-so-fun clean ups

·          Natural fragrance to eliminate odors

·          Also great for kitty litter pick ups

·          Ideal for soiled diapers

·          Keeps your neighbors and Mother Nature happy

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