Bounce™ Retractable Leash Review

                The leash that a dog owner chooses to use with his pet can play a surprisingly significant role in the ease and convenience of their walks together. One of the highest quality leashes that I have come across is the retractable leash made by Bounce™. It is designed to make walking with your favorite K9 companion as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

                The Bounce retractable leash is far from your typical piece of twine with a metal clip. The handle of the leash alone is equipped with a myriad of features. It has a silicone handgrip to increase ergonomics for the leash holder. It has bright reflectors to aid the visibility of the dog and its owner to oncoming traffic on those night time walks. The handle has a carabiner-style clipping method, allowing the dog owner to clip the leash a belt loop and have a hands-free walk.

                The leash is available in three sizes. Small is for dogs under 26 lbs. such as toys and terriers. Medium is for the middle-weight dogs up to 44 lbs. such as spaniels and beagles. The large leashes are suitable for all of the heftier breeds such as retrievers, rottweilers, and mastiffs. The brand new Trig-Lock systems makes for convenient, yet highly secure locking and unlocking onto the pets collar. The leash extends up to 16 feet long, giving the owner the power to allow his/her pet to roam with more freedom, while still being able to decrease their range at any time. However, the primary flaw I have found in the leash is that it often gets jammed at its full extension. This could be potentially be hazardous in a situation where the owner needs to urgently control his/her pet.

                The Bounce™ retractable leash is offered in a range of colors and can be found at pet supply stores throughout the country.

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