Dog Beds

Dog BedDid you know that dogs who sleep in their own beds have been shown to smell up your bed less? Yes, this fact may astound and amaze you, but it’s true. Sure, we all love our pets, but sometimes they really need their own space. Many dog owners, particularly big dog owners, prefer to give Fido is own digs than to have him sleeping between them.

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your dog you might need a big dog bed, or a little dog bed. You might need a suspended dog bed that allows you store things under it, or you may want an ottoman style bed that matches the decor of your house, like the one at the left. (Editors Note: If that dog bed matches the decor of your house, I highly suggest hiring an interior decorator instead of buying your pooch a new bed.)

One of the biggest considerations in which dog bed to buy is how easy it is to clean and how much space does it take up. The best dog beds take up relatively little space and are very easy to clean. Being able to machine wash your best friends bed will make life a lot easier, and a lot less smelly for all parties involved.