Dog Toys

Many dog owners quickly learn that the best way to keep their friend from chewing up everything in sight is to make sure that their dog has plenty of toys to play with. While the right toys might make good exercise for your dog, they’ll also help make sure that he isn’t bored and turning to chewing as a way to cure his boredom.

There are many different kinds of dog toys available, and choosing the right one might be even more complicated than choosing the dog itself. If you have a big dog, you’re going to need a toy that can stand up to heavy chewers. The Kong toys are built to hold up to even the most aggressive chewers, and they’re very economically priced.

If you have a retriever, you’re going to want a toy that keeps them running and moving. A tennis ball launcher is a good way to keep your high energy dog running and retrieving things for you. Also, this is a toy you can operate without too much work, so your children can do it too.

Dogs that are chewers will like things to take apart. Rather than letting Fido walk into your house with some giant branch he found outside, you might find it worthwhile to find him something he can destroy and eat without it making him sick. Milk bones are good, but things like pig ears and squeaky chew toys are even better.

If your dog is a heavy chewer, but also a retriever you might find success with a rope that you can both tug of war with and fetch. Be careful to make sure your dog knows its only a certain toy you play with. You don’t want Spot thinking that you are playing tug of war with your brand new cashmere sweater. Good training will prove it’s worth here.