Itch Stop Series

These non-stinging hydrocortisone formulas are ideal for your dog’s skin spots that have been bitten, scratched, or chewed repeatedly. These gentle formulas can be used together and are ideal for sensitive skin and can be used for bites, scratches and other discomforts on your pet’s body. Use spot-on “Salve” or the “Lotion” on smaller areas, like insect bites and scratches. Soft, gentle “Pads” are excellent for ears and to dab on insect bites. Use “Spray” over larger areas. Simply spritz over entire affected area. Each Itch Stop product contains 0.5% Hydrocortisone and can be used together and in conjunction with other sprays or ointments. If your dog has skin spots, or is scratching and biting itself, this Itch Stop Series is absolutely worth every penny.


*Soothes and heals

*Quick relief of burning and itching

*Easy to apply


*Gentle Non-stinging

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