Finding a dog leash or lead that will work for your dog can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating experience. Watching TV, you’ll see all kinds of dog celebrities endorsing their own leash and claiming it’s the best. It’s tough to decipher which one is the best.

Certain dogs love their leash because it means they get to go outside. It’s really important finding a leash and a collar that work well for you and your dog. Most dogs will be fine with a single strand leash. This is the leash with the easy connector on the end, and doesn’t extend or do anything fancy. It lets your dog walk near you, but also makes sure that he can’t go to crazy chasing anything or anyone.

If you want to give your dog more freedom, but don’t want to let him off the leash entirely, you should consider retractable leashes. One of the downsides to a lot of these designs is that the retractable leashes feature very fine leash string that’s easy for dogs to chew, or get tangled in. If your dog trys to run away with this very fine string wrapped around his leg or tail, it could severely hurt him.