Lucky Dog Uptown Dog Kennel Review

After a long search, I recently bought the Lucky Dog Uptown dog kennel. I bought it so that I would be able to enclose my 5 year old cocker spaniel in one part of my garage if needed. I am incredibly satisfied with my purchase.

First of all, it was super easy to construct the kennel. I simply put it in an L shape and then put each side against the wall. It took me less than 5 minutes to setup and I did not have to use any tools whatsoever, like I was expecting. The kennel is very well-built and sturdy too. I have had problems with the delicacy of past dog kennels so this was very important to me. It gives my dog a confined space in the garage with access to the pet door back into the house. There is also a kennel door sized for both my pet and myself to walk through.

It took me a long time to find a kennel that I felt met my needs and was going to last a long time. If I found those things I was willing to pay for an expensive product. However, it turned out that I got what I wanted for a very reasonable price. Customer service was very helpful with any questions or concerns that I had before purchasing the kennel. After placing my order, my kennel arrived at my house unflawed, and in a timely fashion.

I recommend the Lucky Dog Uptown dog kennel to all dog owners who want a spacious, durable, high quality outdoor kennel for their companion.  Find them at your favorite pet shop or online store!

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