The Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket

It’s summer time again folks! It’s that time of year when trips to the lake, and the shore create many family memories. Now, you don’t have to leave behind the valued pet dog when you are doing water activities! The Kyjen Pet Saver is much more than just a simple floatation device.

The Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket comes in a fluorescent red so not only do you know where your dog is at all times, but other boaters in the water will be able to spot your dog as well. I think the Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket looks great and the design allows for fast size adjustments, and a flexible, comfortable fit for any dog.

The Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket also features a handle on the top of the life jacket. This handle is what makes the life jacket so useful. If your dog jumps off the boat, the floatation device will help your dog stay afloat until you are able to reach the handle and pull him out of the water. This task would be much more difficult without the handle, and it can become dangerous for the dog very quickly. This handle allows for easy access to get your dog out of the water quickly.

Many dogs are innately good at swimming. Whether your dog is a good swimmer or not, he or she will still benefit from the added buoyancy. After your dog tires from kicking and swimming all day, the life vest assures the dog stays afloat even with no more energy.

If your dog accompanies you for water sports, or you are looking for a way to introduce your dog to the water, the The Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket is the best way to do it. From the added safety, to the added convenience the Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket absolutely worth every penny.

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