Wysong Raw Pet Food

Wysong Raw Natural Dog Food

Humans are they only living things on earth that cook food. Does all of nature have it wrong, and humans have it right? Not necessarily, see in the wild, carnivores eat raw (often filthy, putrid, decomposing) prey without suffering adverse effects. Having robust immune systems and a bounty of beneficial probiotic organisms in their digestive tracts helps keep the animals strong. Raw food – not cooked, puffed, dehydrated, pressurized, retorted, sheared, baked, and steam cleaned pseudofoods – is the very incubator from which life has emerged. Wysong will continue to evolve pet diets so that they reflect, in manufactured form, the closest thing they are able to produce to mimic the natural diet.

When I ordered the Wysong Dog Food I got the Raw starter pack which retails for  $54.99. I decided this was the most inexpensive and convenient way to introduce the health benefits of Wysong products to my dog. The starter pack comes with :

* 1 7.5 oz bag of Archetype™

* 1 UnCanny™ Variety Pack

* 1 Large bag of Dream Treats™

* 2 Small Bags of Dream Treats™

* 1 copy – The Truth About Pet Foods, Dr. Wysong (FREE – A $14.95 value!)

* 1 copy – Master Key to Health™ (FREE – A $12.95 value!)

My dog will eat just about anything. However, I noticed she seems much happier eating the Wysong dog food than then dry kibble she had been eating. I introduced the Wysong food slowly, as to not upset my dogs’ stomach. I mixed dry kibble with the Wysong and overtime slowly began adding less and less kibble. This is the best way to introduce your dog to a new diet. My dog seems to love the food, and looks forward to getting the Wysong Dog treats anytime she can!

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