Karma Organic Dry Dog Food Review

One of the best organic dog foods on the market right now is Karma Organic Dry Dog Food. It is made with over 95% organic ingredients. This is the highest percentage of any organic dog food out. They only offer dry food, so look elsewhere if you prefer to give your dog canned food. I have been feeding my cocker spaniel Karma’s dry food and he has been very satisfied with it.

Karma Organic Dry Dog Food contains 18 certified organic ingredients and includes organic fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to the usual dried out ones. Karma dog food does not have many of the chemicals, additives, preservatives and fillers that make up so much of most brands’ dog food. In fact their food is such high quality that it technically meets standards to be human grade food. Furthermore, Karma has proved to be an environmentally conscious company. The packaging of their dog food is made with 100% recyclable material.

Karma dog food will give your K9 companion all the important nutrients that he/she needs. They provide you with all of the ingredients in the food so that you know exactly what you are feeding your dog. The ingredient list only furthers my confidence in their food. For example, the chicken they use is free range and organic. Making the upgrade to organic food will make a turn in your pet’s health for the better. It can aid in avoiding the health problems, and sicknesses that can be caused by the consumption of pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, and artificial preservatives in many types of dog food.

Karma Organic Dry Dog Food, as with almost all organic dog food, tends to be more costly than other brand’s products. However, the health of your beloved four legged friend outweighs the dollars and cents that you are losing by feeding your dog the healthier choice. Pick up a bag of Karma Organic Dry Dog Food at your local pet shop.

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Itch Stop Series

These non-stinging hydrocortisone formulas are ideal for your dog’s skin spots that have been bitten, scratched, or chewed repeatedly. These gentle formulas can be used together and are ideal for sensitive skin and can be used for bites, scratches and other discomforts on your pet’s body. Use spot-on “Salve” or the “Lotion” on smaller areas, like insect bites and scratches. Soft, gentle “Pads” are excellent for ears and to dab on insect bites. Use “Spray” over larger areas. Simply spritz over entire affected area. Each Itch Stop product contains 0.5% Hydrocortisone and can be used together and in conjunction with other sprays or ointments. If your dog has skin spots, or is scratching and biting itself, this Itch Stop Series is absolutely worth every penny.


*Soothes and heals

*Quick relief of burning and itching

*Easy to apply


*Gentle Non-stinging

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    Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System Review

    Dealing with your pets droppings is an issue any dog owner can relate too. To deal with this problem, I recently purchased a Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System. I have now been using this product for about 2 months and I am very pleased with my purchase.

    They offer a pyramid shaped model and a galvanized steel model. I was worried that the pyramid might not be durable enough so I chose to get the stronger, steel model. The product arrived fully assembled. It came with a free scooper as well, which I has gotten a lot of use out of. The lid of the “container” stays closed when shut but opens easily with the foot pedal at the same time.

    The system itself works just like a septic tank. It is sufficient enough to handle the waste of two large dogs or up to four small dogs. I did not even dig the full recommended four feet. I did not need it since I have good drainage. I just dug to the point where the unit could fit with an additional 9 inches of space. It has worked great.

    It is important to install your tank within reach of a hose. This is necessary so that you can flush the system out with the hose from time to time. This is the one time where I have had to experience some not-so-lovely odors, so beware of that. I have been flushing my system about once a week and that seems to be plenty. I still have not run out of the enzyme, but I certainly will soon. It could be a good idea to buy the extra bucket from the start to save yourself the trouble of making another order, as you will definitely need it eventually.

    From my experience, The Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System is a very efficient way to take care of your dog’s waste. My back yard has certainly been much cleaner since I began using it.

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    Pooch Pickup Biodegradable Pick-Up Bags

    These biodegradable bags make it too easy to be responsible. Clean up after your favorite pet while helping save the earth at the same time. Without the earth there would be no place for your dog to bury his favorite bone. These Pick-Up Bags come in packs of 35, or 100. The size of the bag is 10″x10″ which is big enough to pick up after pretty much any dog.


    ·          Handles are long and easy to tie

    ·          Cornstarch bag decomposes effectively

    ·          Extremely economical, ergonomic

    ·          Specially sized for those not-so-fun clean ups

    ·          Natural fragrance to eliminate odors

    ·          Also great for kitty litter pick ups

    ·          Ideal for soiled diapers

    ·          Keeps your neighbors and Mother Nature happy

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    Lucky Dog Uptown Dog Kennel Review

    After a long search, I recently bought the Lucky Dog Uptown dog kennel. I bought it so that I would be able to enclose my 5 year old cocker spaniel in one part of my garage if needed. I am incredibly satisfied with my purchase.

    First of all, it was super easy to construct the kennel. I simply put it in an L shape and then put each side against the wall. It took me less than 5 minutes to setup and I did not have to use any tools whatsoever, like I was expecting. The kennel is very well-built and sturdy too. I have had problems with the delicacy of past dog kennels so this was very important to me. It gives my dog a confined space in the garage with access to the pet door back into the house. There is also a kennel door sized for both my pet and myself to walk through.

    It took me a long time to find a kennel that I felt met my needs and was going to last a long time. If I found those things I was willing to pay for an expensive product. However, it turned out that I got what I wanted for a very reasonable price. Customer service was very helpful with any questions or concerns that I had before purchasing the kennel. After placing my order, my kennel arrived at my house unflawed, and in a timely fashion.

    I recommend the Lucky Dog Uptown dog kennel to all dog owners who want a spacious, durable, high quality outdoor kennel for their companion.  Find them at your favorite pet shop or online store!

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    The Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket

    It’s summer time again folks! It’s that time of year when trips to the lake, and the shore create many family memories. Now, you don’t have to leave behind the valued pet dog when you are doing water activities! The Kyjen Pet Saver is much more than just a simple floatation device.

    The Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket comes in a fluorescent red so not only do you know where your dog is at all times, but other boaters in the water will be able to spot your dog as well. I think the Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket looks great and the design allows for fast size adjustments, and a flexible, comfortable fit for any dog.

    The Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket also features a handle on the top of the life jacket. This handle is what makes the life jacket so useful. If your dog jumps off the boat, the floatation device will help your dog stay afloat until you are able to reach the handle and pull him out of the water. This task would be much more difficult without the handle, and it can become dangerous for the dog very quickly. This handle allows for easy access to get your dog out of the water quickly.

    Many dogs are innately good at swimming. Whether your dog is a good swimmer or not, he or she will still benefit from the added buoyancy. After your dog tires from kicking and swimming all day, the life vest assures the dog stays afloat even with no more energy.

    If your dog accompanies you for water sports, or you are looking for a way to introduce your dog to the water, the The Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket is the best way to do it. From the added safety, to the added convenience the Kyjen Pet Saver Dog Life Jacket absolutely worth every penny.

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    Wysong Raw Pet Food

    Wysong Raw Natural Dog Food

    Humans are they only living things on earth that cook food. Does all of nature have it wrong, and humans have it right? Not necessarily, see in the wild, carnivores eat raw (often filthy, putrid, decomposing) prey without suffering adverse effects. Having robust immune systems and a bounty of beneficial probiotic organisms in their digestive tracts helps keep the animals strong. Raw food – not cooked, puffed, dehydrated, pressurized, retorted, sheared, baked, and steam cleaned pseudofoods – is the very incubator from which life has emerged. Wysong will continue to evolve pet diets so that they reflect, in manufactured form, the closest thing they are able to produce to mimic the natural diet.

    When I ordered the Wysong Dog Food I got the Raw starter pack which retails for  $54.99. I decided this was the most inexpensive and convenient way to introduce the health benefits of Wysong products to my dog. The starter pack comes with :

    * 1 7.5 oz bag of Archetype™

    * 1 UnCanny™ Variety Pack

    * 1 Large bag of Dream Treats™

    * 2 Small Bags of Dream Treats™

    * 1 copy – The Truth About Pet Foods, Dr. Wysong (FREE – A $14.95 value!)

    * 1 copy – Master Key to Health™ (FREE – A $12.95 value!)

    My dog will eat just about anything. However, I noticed she seems much happier eating the Wysong dog food than then dry kibble she had been eating. I introduced the Wysong food slowly, as to not upset my dogs’ stomach. I mixed dry kibble with the Wysong and overtime slowly began adding less and less kibble. This is the best way to introduce your dog to a new diet. My dog seems to love the food, and looks forward to getting the Wysong Dog treats anytime she can!

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    Bounce™ Retractable Leash Review

                    The leash that a dog owner chooses to use with his pet can play a surprisingly significant role in the ease and convenience of their walks together. One of the highest quality leashes that I have come across is the retractable leash made by Bounce™. It is designed to make walking with your favorite K9 companion as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

                    The Bounce retractable leash is far from your typical piece of twine with a metal clip. The handle of the leash alone is equipped with a myriad of features. It has a silicone handgrip to increase ergonomics for the leash holder. It has bright reflectors to aid the visibility of the dog and its owner to oncoming traffic on those night time walks. The handle has a carabiner-style clipping method, allowing the dog owner to clip the leash a belt loop and have a hands-free walk.

                    The leash is available in three sizes. Small is for dogs under 26 lbs. such as toys and terriers. Medium is for the middle-weight dogs up to 44 lbs. such as spaniels and beagles. The large leashes are suitable for all of the heftier breeds such as retrievers, rottweilers, and mastiffs. The brand new Trig-Lock systems makes for convenient, yet highly secure locking and unlocking onto the pets collar. The leash extends up to 16 feet long, giving the owner the power to allow his/her pet to roam with more freedom, while still being able to decrease their range at any time. However, the primary flaw I have found in the leash is that it often gets jammed at its full extension. This could be potentially be hazardous in a situation where the owner needs to urgently control his/her pet.

                    The Bounce™ retractable leash is offered in a range of colors and can be found at pet supply stores throughout the country.

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    Dog Training and Obedience Tips

    Dog obedience is essential for a happy and healthy relationship between the owner and dog. Many dog owners do not understand the importance of this bond between the owner, and the dog. What exactly is dog obedience, and why is it so important?

    Dog obedience is a general term that can be achieved through the many various dog-training techniques. Whichever technique is used, the outcome should be the same. A strong and healthy relationship between the owner and dog is accomplished. A clear line of communication should be accomplished as well. The dog should always know what is asked or expected of him or her. It should also lay down a set of rules or boundaries. This includes how to relate to other dogs, animals and people, basic manners and how to behave in any situation. All of this is done to prevent unacceptable behavior such as barking, jumping, begging, digging, etc.

    Dog obedience training is vital. It eliminates confusion between you and your dog, and it creates a much more fun and rewarding relationship. A dog with obedience training is a much safer dog in the long run. It gains mutual trust and respect, and it greatly reduces the risk of being in a dominance struggle between you and your dog. This is also going to be an ongoing process that builds over time. Through out this process your dog will be gaining confidence along the way, and a special bond between you and your dog will be created.

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    K&H Pet Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Bed Review

                     Dog owners have a variety of priorities when it comes to caring for their four-legged companions. For those of you who emphasize comfort in your dog’s life, I highly recommend purchasing the K&H Pet Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Bed. This extravagant dog bed provides dogs with a level of luxury they would have never imagine existed.

                    The K&H Pet Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Bed is equipped with a heater to keep your pet warm year round. This particularly comes in handy during winters and nights. It requires no setup at all. Just plug the bed in and it will start heating instantly. The heater only uses 6 volts, diminishing potential fire hazards that come with space heaters, as well as keeping it energy efficient.

                    Aside from the heater, the bed is designed for optimal comfort for dogs, and optimal convenience for their owners. Many dogs do not like to sleep for long periods of time on flat, open beds as they feel exposed. The raised sides on the Snuggly Sleeper makes dogs feel comfortable and secure while they sleep. The cover on the bed is easily removable so that owners can easily throw it in the washing machine.

                    While it is certainly not necessary to provide your dog with such lavish sleeping arrangements, they will, without a doubt, appreciate that you did! The K&H Pet Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Bed can be purchased at just about any pet supply web site or store.

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